Originally founded in 2005 as T-Shirt Rater, the site was a t-shirt design voting site where someone could submit their design and site users would vote on submissions. Within a couple of short years there were way too many shirts online and the site was overwhelmed and led to a more curated process of submissions.

For over a decade TeeCraze promoted tens of thousands of t-shirts from thousands of artists to millions and millions of potential consumers. We developed strategic partnerships with the leading platforms, marketplaces, brands, companies, artists and designers. All of this was done to spread the word about deserving designers who create the best t-shirts ever made.

We constantly sorted through submissions from designers around the world and spent thousands of hours scouring the farthest corners of the internet to find the true gems that weren’t mentioned anywhere. You could go to one of the t-shirt platforms out there with millions of designs to look through and use their inadequate search functions and you would still not be able to find most of the t-shirts we curated here for you. In fact, the platforms themselves paid us to do this knowing we could create and promote tightly knit collections of designs you actually would love to wear and help support the the deserving designers who created them.

While we love looking at great art which made our galley a lot of fun to do, there was always one thing that was troubling. We not only sought out the best t-shirt art ever created we also bought and still buy a lot of tees. Being customers ourselves let us in on the fact that all t-shirts are not the same and the quality of the products we received was less than consistent. This got us thinking that since we already ran a few clothing brands and have somewhat of an infrastructure in place we should just do that with TeeCraze. We could then control the quality of the garments and the printing.

This brings us to today and while TeeCraze is continuing to have the best t-shirt art, we also know the quality of the actual apparel and printing is top notch since we are in charge of that too. Now we are able to insure our fan base not only has access to amazing art but also to quality finished products they will love wearing.