The Pop Surrealism Of Beery Method

Beery Method is a full time illustrator, designer, and creative director who runs Beery Method Studios. The low brow or pop surrealism style that he is best known for is represented well in his prints. His artwork has been exhibited around the world, appeared in multple magazines and his client list includes Microsoft and The Stone Temple Pilots, among others.

Beery offers his skills as a freelance artist to a diversity of independent creatives. When not working on graphics, products, and creative marketing he resides in the studio painting and inking some of the most pop cultural imagery known nationally and abroad. His work runs the gamut from sexy female portraiture, surreal alien landscapes, to undead-zombies and hobo-eater character anthologies.

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Graphic product designer, brand owner, writer and curator. Created TeeCraze in 2009 to bring attention to independent designers and their work.